Friday, August 3, 2012

Canadian things that still challenge me:

Milk in  bag - I can't pour it. I've tried; believe me, but that little plastic bag bends at its own will and pours amounts it predetermines. What is the purpose of this? It can't be environmentally better, as some suggest, because we're throwing millions of plastic bags into the landfill. Plastic jugs are turned into nice park benches that make me smile and help me rest.
The Metric System - (I admit this isn't Canada's fault. Blame my public school education.) The kilometers per hour I can convert for driving, but temperature is a whole different thing. Here's a sampling of what I should be doing in my head: 
   1 F = -17.2222 C (ummm - nope)
   C = (F-32) x 5/9 ...or... C = (F-32)/1.8  (what?! This is Michael's favorite.)
   F = (C x 9/5) + 32 ...or... F = (C x 1.8) + 32 ( mind just went blank)
I've memorized that 28 Celsius equals 82 Fahrenheit. After that, I just guess. If it's hot, it's hot; if it's cold, I'm leaving. (hahaha - just kidding)

The War of 1812 - I may have to break out the history books. This weekend, in our town of Amherstburg, there is a 3-day festival to commemorate how they battled back the U.S. I can't help but think a) it was the British, b) we were fighting battles on other fronts, and c) we are scrappy fighters who achieved our independence from Britain early on. Okay - our little secret... I won't speak of it again. Unless one more person asks...
And a few extras:
   Washroom (not bathroom)
   bachelor (it's an apartment)
   Hydro (electricity)
   Expiry (that date on your credit card)
   Concession Roads
   Loony (a one-dollar coin)
   Toonie (you can guess, right?)
   Rockets (Smarties) and Smarties (M&Ms)
And lastly - poutine.
I am thankful that I live in a (foreign) country that speaks English and tolerates that I know nothing about hockey...
PS - the Canadian side of Niagara Falls beats the U.S. side, hands down.

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  1. Just getting ready in a few weeks to head up to Toronto for a wedding...can't wait for some Poutine...I will always say that I enjoy the kindness of the Canadians as a whole. My husband has always called the men's room a washroom...go figure...And I must tell you that way back when we were married, almost 36 years ago we went to visit his family and I was going to fill the container with the "bag of milk", however I cut the spout hole before putting it into the holder. Needless to say milk went everywhere...His family always reminds me of this "funny" incident after all of these