Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scotland! Lerwick, or Shetland if you choose.

What are you expecting? Sunny and bright? Not exactly...

Our first glimpse of Scotland was drab and a bit dreary but still so lovely. It was early morning (we'd adjusted our clocks for the 3rd time change in 6 days...), and, although the clouds hung low, the air was fresh and clean.

The town was beautiful, and the architecture seemed perfect for where we were. I feel that buildings should reflect culture - is anybody with me on that?

Due to a late start with the tendering process to get ashore, we didn't have much time in Scotland. Most people grabbed a cab to go find some Shetland ponies, but Jordan & I, in typical Hatchell fashion, made our way through the neighborhoods and mingled with the locals. 

 Here is the obligatory "English Garden" shot with the locals playing bocci on the lawn:

Speaking of locals... we do believe word about our feeding episode in Bergen may have made its way to Scotland. These 2 followed me around for awhile... If you zoom in, you'll see they were looking directly at me.

Or, it may have been that earlier they'd seen us eating exotics. Not birds, mind you - kangaroo. I confess, I tried it (and lots of you have told me you have, too, so don't go pointing any fingers...) Here's the evidence, and, yes, I cajoled my child into trying it, too. I'm a terrible, but interesting, mother.

While we're on the subject of food (hey, we were on a cruise... food is a big part of your daily thoughts) take a look at all the kinds of Turkish Delight! This is for all my Narnia sisters and brothers...

Sail-away gave us some views of some of the flattest cloud formations we'd ever seen.

Sorry - no pony pics. I guess we'll have to go back...

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