Monday, January 19, 2015

It's winter everywhere but here

Miss me?  I can't believe it's been over a year since I blogged.  Life took over, but I have no real excuses.  It's a new year, and it's, obviously, time to get back in the groove.  That said, let's start with the weather... It's winter everywhere but here.

You've seen the maps; you know it's true. For those who love the cold, this is your time of year - no sweating, just clean, fresh air. We won't talk about the snow, frigid temps, and ice. That would just irritate the situation, especially because it's only January.

Things that are currently making me smile, or, as Arsenio Hall used to say "Things That Make you Say 'Hmmm":

1)  A good yoga practice (class) makes me as sore as weight-lifting. It was a surprise to me! I love a good weight workout, but I haven't needed a chiropractic adjustment since I started yoga. It really is all about alignment.

2)  Why is it when I walk past the Publix Bakery, someone walks toward me pushing a cart with an ad for gluten-free something? It's happened more than once, and, trust me, I get the hint. Sadly.

3) Why is the Publix Bakery next to the produce section anyway?

3)  The fact that eating real food is now a fad makes me smile - sort of. How did we ever get to a place where eating real, fresh healthy food, would be the exception and not the norm? As they say, stay on the perimeter of the grocery store; avoid the aisles.

4)  I currently have 22 reams of printer paper that Staples paid me to take out the door of their store. If you're not taking advantage of their little giveaways, you're missing out on one of the best freebies around.

5)  People in the little town of Stuart, Florida, just north of us, are complaining about "all the traffic", because it's the "Season". The Season, in Florida-speak, is the time of year when people escape the cold up north and come to FL for a few months. My commute to class yesterday took me 15 minutes instead of 12. I don't see the problem...

Hmmm... what makes you stop and think?

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