Friday, May 6, 2011

Canada is not a Third World country, right?

I consider myself fairly adept at getting things done. However, I have met my match in Rogers Communications. After 14 phone calls, and 415 minutes on the phone (no joke), we have an account but no service. How that works is a mystery to me... I even had a call today from their Collections Dept.; the poor woman was dumbfounded as to how I could be in "arrears" after having an account, but no service, all in under 8 days. Trust me, she was no more flabbergasted than me. I'm happy to report that, after talking to 3 customer service (?) reps and 47 minutes on hold, I now have a $50 credit on an account for which I have no service!

The weather has been rainy and cold, but when the sun comes out, it's beautiful here.  Oregon taught me to appreciate the sun more than I ever did when I took it for granted in Florida. Again, the lesson is being relearned; how quickly I forget so many of the things that God tries to teach me.  I learn quickly, but, as my mom says, "I don't forget things; I just fail to remember them in the first place".

We're headed to shop in Detroit tomorrow. Crossing that border makes me giddy, but I am learning what to love here in Canada as well. The people (Rogers employees excluded, bless their hearts) are friendly and keep wishing me an enjoyable stay. It's wonderful to hear them wanting us to like their country. I fully understand.

Having an actual phone number (Rogers, are you reading this?) will enable me to get started with Operation Christmas Child here. I am SO ready for that challenge, as OCC-US has poured into me and prepared me "for such a time as this".  Can't wait to meet, learn from, share with, and encourage people here to pack shoeboxes and change a child's life forever.

Off to put flannel sheets on the beds...

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  1. YEA!!!!! So excited to read this blog. Praying you get that phone SERVICE soon so you can start getting Connected for OCC-Canada. Thousands of kids around the world are waiting, as you well know!