Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can see clearly now!

Things I've learned about LASIK:

1) Don't get me started... I've been reading about it daily for a year... but since you asked... You did ask, right?

2) We had SBK, which, simply put, is the latest version of Lasik. It's fast, it's permanent, and it was so much fun! I loved it. 3D - are you kidding me? Ms. Information Junkie drove everyone there crazy, I'm sure...

3) The surgery was a BREEZE at Hunter Vision in Orlando! Yes, Michael & I flew there to have ours done. Ask me why it's the only place you should have yours done. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Go there. Immediately.

4) Michael & I will be buying stock in Allergen, the maker of Refresh Plus eye drops. I'm addicted.

5) Vision, my long lost friend, is back with a vengeance! Near, far, it matters not to my eyes or brain. (I'll be stopping by the Lions Club to drop off my collection of reading glasses on Friday...)

6) All that "I don't want anyone sticking something in my eye" stuff is for the birds. The night before the procedure, it haunted me. The day of the procedure it was NOTHING. I didn't feel a thing. Honestly, folks, did you think they'd let you feel something like that? You can poke yourself in the eye without drugs if you'd like, but how many surgeons operate without them? (Don't get me started on childbirth. This is waaaaaaaay easier. And faster. And less embarrassing. You know what I mean.)

7) And last, but certainly not least, why didn't y'all tell me about all these wrinkles?! You know... the ones you could plainly see on my face but I could not (before Lasik). Ugh.

Go to the phone now. Do this. You won't regret it. I'll fly in and walk you through it. Really, I will. Because we're friends, and we all have wrinkles at this point.

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  1. First of all, I thought you were going to NorthLand for a conference called Hunter's Vision.

    Second, I hate to look at myself in the mirror with my glasses on, I see wrinkles!

    and Third, so glad you can see clearly now!