Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Operator, uh, can you help me place this call?

So, we gave Rogers Communication the boot. Shocking, I know. When our 2nd bill from them was wrong (again), I reached my limit. Bell Canada is our new provider, but since the technician readily said, "Bell has its problems", I'm not jumping for joy just yet. The trade-off? No more Rogers headaches but no more 'high speed' internet. (Bell's speeds are 1/5 of Rogers - it's worth it to me.) How desperate am I?

As for the phone, we had to get a new number. That's okay, because no one calls here... it's a mixed blessing. Not being on the phone all the time has been peaceful and rewarding. I find myself on the computer less as well. Ask me again in the dead of winter, but for now I'm really enjoying it.

Life in Canada is different, yes. I think God "mixes it up" when we need it, though we rarely recognize that. He is not a God of "Comfortableness" lest we confuse that with 'comfort'. I (dare I say we) grow through the tough things not the easy ones. I used to say I get bored easily, yet now I know it's when I'm not moving & growing spiritually that life seems to be at a standstill. No manner of entertainment fills that gap satisfactorily.

We say "it's all about relationships" but the first, and most important one is deeply personal. If we cannot connect to God, we cannot connect to His world, His people. Go ahead - I dare you - spend some time with God today, and get off the computer. Now I must go do the same... (I love having his private number; it's the one He uses just for Him and me.)


  1. I have found myself off the computer more, and the phone barely rings. TV is boring, so I am reading the Bible more. : )