Monday, November 7, 2011

Not really inconvenienced...

I tweeted last month to ask if having the heated seats on in the car, in October, was a bad sign... 2011 has been a strange year for weather, hasn't it? 1,817 tornadoes, thus far, in the U.S. have caused 550 deaths. Compare that to the 564 people who died in tornadoes over the past 10 years combined. Hmmm... cold weather is a very minor inconvenience when I view it in that context.

I am so honored to know and love some military members. I can't fathom what they do but am humbled that they do it. My friend, Melissa, just welcomed her husband home from deployment. My husband getting home a little late from work is a minor inconvenience.

The chiropractor has been tweaking the pinched nerve in my shoulder that shoots pain through my bicep. It's "fixable" and is a minor inconvenience when viewed in the light of my friend Denyc's mom. Cheryl was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer and was, as Denyc and I used to say, "the healthiest dying person we know".  Did you know there's no test for uterine cancer until it's already present. Perhaps we should move some of the pink ribbon money over to save women in another way.

I'm not melancholic; I'm just vehemently aware that I am only slightly inconvenienced by the daily adjustments I make. I'm thankful today to be able to make them.

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