Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling, falling...

Yes, it's fall - or autumn - and, no, it's not freezing in Canada (yet). I know y'all enjoy giving me a difficult time about living in the "frozen north", but I'd like to point out that it's been warmer here than in Virginia for 27 of the last 30+ days. No one ever taunted me about being cold in Virginia...

To that end, I'll also say:

1) We live south of the United States. (think that one over)
2) We drive north to cross the US/Canadian border.
3) We live south of 15 states in the U.S.
4) We live in the "southernmost part of Canada".
5) We live south of where we used to live in Oregon, and, yes, they make wine here.

Are you surprised? Read on for a few fun facts...

A) The border between Canada and the US is the longest unprotected border in the world (5,525 miles!).
B) Superman and basketball originated in Canada. Add to that fish sticks, instant mashed potatoes, and the zipper as well as the television, walkie-talkies, and the telephone (yep - the Bell family lived in Canada when they tested that 1st call). Oh - and the cardiac pacemaker!
C) Canada is the world's 2nd largest country (behind Russia).
D) Hockey is beloved, but lacrosse is the country's official sport.

I know... I love trivia, but all this makes me think about how much we "assume" we know. 

And y'all need to quit saying, "It's almost like it's another country".  It IS a foreign country! 

Truthfully, it's a great option for our "international" assignment.

P.S. - I have not tried poutine and have no intention of doing so ;-)

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