Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Thoughts - Life Lessons

1)  If I eat enough cookie dough while I'm making cookies, I don't need to eat any actually-baked ones. (Go ahead and give me the 'raw egg' spiel. I just can't help myself...) Also, oven temperatures are never right.

2)  The cold weather makes my neck hurt. Why is that? (If you're from Cleveland, Buffalo, Erie, Minneapolis, or Canada, feel free to jump in on this.) And, I've recently discovered that, when wearing a hoodie, putting the hood up against the cold just makes the cold wind tunnel into the hoodie. (Cinching it tight may not happen - it's not a 'good look') Speaking of good looks - how does one keep their nose warm and not look ridiculous?

3)  Vinegar is the best laundry softener (and, no, your clothes will not smell like salad). It works, and the price is right.

4)  Dogs know things - they really do. Ask any owner. I wish I could hear what they're thinking (but then, again, maybe not).

5)  I love politics. It's politicians that I find difficult to like. Still, I'm happy to talk it out and not get offended by another's opinions. After all, anger is a wasted emotion. It also throws off your adrenals (see? you've learned something new!)

6)  Free stuff takes a little effort to obtain, but it's worth it. (Okay - not exactly its 'worth') It's FREE, right?

7)  Canadians think US citizens are haughty. US people think Canadians are boring. (I'm betting the people who make those statements haven't spent much time getting to know their neighbors... Either that, or we take others' opinions too seriously.)

8)  Facebook is not worth the time we spend on it. (Ummm... the stock market agrees.) Real relationship happens face-to-face or heart-to-heart.

9) Contentment comes with age. Education may be wasted on the young, but the benefits of aging are innumerable. (If you're under 30, you'll have to come back to this one in a few decades.)

10)  I am blessed far beyond what I deserve or could have imagined. Thank you, my friends, for adding to my life. Good or bad (but mostly good), you have enriched me. I pray I've returned the favor.

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  1. Good stuff! Question.....where have you been lately to experience the cold/hoodie thing? I need some cool weather!!!