Friday, January 18, 2013

I see a theme here. Do you?:

Wow - 3 months without a post. Apparently, I have nothing to share or I've let life get in the way of blogging. Maybe blogging gets in the way of life... Either way, I thought I'd check in.

Fall is the busiest time of the year for Operation Christmas Child teams. Most of my friends know this, but if you didn't then one of us is not sharing enough. Our family has been packing boxes since 1995, and I've been involved year-round since 2007. So blame - or credit - OCC with the fact that I don't blog much from October through the end of each year.

In honor of 2012, I'll do the following Quick Catch-Up list:

October: went to Oregon during Canadian Thanksgiving (yes, it's in Oct) then went on a cruise with a friend (I know this will not surprise any of you). OCC completely took over mid-month.

November: OCC took over. (Jose came to Canada to talk about OCC, he & I flew to DC for 2 days, and I snuck across the border, for a day in Ohio, for US Thanksgiving with the fam). Then OCC took over.

December: Drove out of Canada, headed to Florida, and went on a cruise with Michael (I know, shocking...) Back from the cruise, met Jordan at the airport, grocery shopped, had a progressive dinner with neighbors on Christmas Eve, then had 10 people here for Christmas Day. Phew! Then OCC shopping deals took over.
   Oh! OCC letters, from the Follow Your Box campaign, came in. Hatchells have boxes in Mali, Kenya, Columbia, Zimbabwe, and Ecuador! Still waiting on some letters from our Boone processing center... (hint, hint - Randy, Bonnie, Leigh, or anyone else, with influence, reading this.)

January: OCC shopping continues (because, this, my dear friends, is when you can get real deals!). Thus far, I have not cruised this month but am headed to the Dominican Republic to do some research on ministry opportunities. Thanks to Spirit Airlines' $126 flight, I'm good to go.

Travel deals, OCC deals, I do love a good deal.

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