Thursday, May 23, 2013

Has it been a year?

No, not since I've been in Canada, although I'm sure, to some, it's felt that way.

No, not since I blogged, although it's been way too long, I know. I'll not make idle promises about doing a better job, but I will say I'll try.

No, not since we homesteaded back in Florida. It's actually been since December of 2011, although it still feels new for some reason.

It HAS been exactly a year since I got sick for "no apparent reason".  I'd never been sicker, never want to be that sick again, am thankful for the support of family and friends who "get it", and for a doctor who knew I wasn't crazy. I'll not make a big deal about it except to say that it's momentous to Michael & me.

It's World Thyroid Day. Celebrate with me.

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