Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good Things

So as not to appear negative - y'all know me as the eternal optimist - I've decided to share a few areas where I feel Canada gets it right. To each his own, but here's the list:

1) The govt. owns all the liquor stores. I know it's not fair to the vendors, increases taxes, and stifles competition, but it certainly sets the "tone" on drinking. (They have drink recipes on their website... isn't that a bit hypocritical?)

2) No smoking - anywhere - unless you are extremely creative. (Essex county has 4 full-time smoke-free monitor people. Tax dollars at work...) Recently, a man was arrested for smoking "in the workplace"; he was sitting in his cab. Ha!

3) One has to sign a release for anyone to check your references. Privacy is a good thing; I tire of thinking about who knows what about me...

4) Cities do fireworks for everything :-). I love fireworks.

5) Pay-for-usage internet has driven me away from the laptop. I knew the computer could be a huge time waster, and now I find myself getting SO much more done each day.

6) All new chefs on the Food Network (who are these people?).

7)  House Hunters International goes to the States!

8) Your credit rating does not apply here (okay - this is a positive for some people, but we're basically starting all over. I haven't put down a security deposit in 25 years...until now)

9) You can scare "certain" vendors" with your 41-page credit report from the States! (I got that security deposit back in one week.)

10) The spring/summer weather. Hey, friends, we're headed for a high of 70 today... (The thought of winter scares me already...)

Off to plant pansies - in summer!

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