Monday, June 6, 2011

Good vs. Evil

Waiting can be a very good thing, but we sometimes romanticize it so we can use it as an excuse for being lazy. C'mon... admit it; I know I'm not the only one... However, I've found that 'doing' can also be a bad thing if I'm the one behind the motivation. In Acts 1, those in the Upper Room were told to wait and see. With today's frenetic pace, we forget to heed that counsel.

My Canadian OCC Reg. Mgr. reminded us last week that God loves Operation Christmas Child more than  I (we) do. I needed to re-hear that. As I settled in to Canada, and after meeting the 3 ladies on the team, I felt that familiar urge to go and get it done. Was God telling me to "Go" as he did with Abraham? Um, no, He was not. He was telling me to wait.

I confess to fighting that. How many times have I (do we) set the path, the goals, and politely asked God to make it happen? Puh-leeze... We all know that's wrong, and yet it's exactly what we do. (You can agree - I won't tell. You're in great company here...)

By the way - I waited, and when I felt 'pressed' to, I made my first 3 calls. All 3 said "yes". No surprise there...

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  1. What a wise woman you are. Waiting is hard but necessary. Thanks for that reminder.