Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the News

I have to share a few of the Yahoo Canada headlines as of late.

Angry Beaver Terrorizes Town was the original headline here:

Flying Bear Kills Two Canadians in Freak Accident is a truly sad story, but I admit to laughing at the title when I first saw it. My question is, "How fast would one have to be driving to launch a 440 lb. bear through another car?" A tragic story with an odd headline:

(Granted the U.S. has its share of oddities; these 2 just caught my eye early in the morning.)

In personal news,
1) I'm learning to quickly multiply kms by 6.2 to check my speed limits, because I feel like my Virginia license plates are a target.
2) Temperature conversions - double the Centigrade, subtract 10% then add 32 - take me a moment longer, but, hey, my math skills can always use some tweaking.
3) Rogers is replacing my internet hub. I'm sure my file with them is volumes by now. They also charged us for a phone number we don't have. I wonder if Nadir Mohamed, their CEO, has these problems... maybe I'll write and ask him...
4) The weather is gorgeous. (Y'all feel free to rub this one in my nose in January.)

In other news, and this is for my US OCC peeps out there:
   1) We call them all Collections Centers (just local or regional)
   2) We call it National Collection Centers Week
   3) We use decos, known as OCC Boxes here, so much that almost no one uses regular shoeboxes.
   4) We are all doing the same work. Remember that.
It's not the differences that matter; it's what's the same that is important.

Isn't that true in life, too? Let's seek our common ground and get past the things that separate us. Uniqueness comes from God, but so does unity.

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  1. I love this post. The headlines are a hoot (tragedies aside). It's 62 degrees on our side of the lake today--I could stand another 10 to 15 degrees F (don't know the C equiv.) but it's better than 102 with humidity. I love hearing about OCC Canada's differences but your reminder about unity is so appropriate. Although it must be killing you to think of using all those OCC Boxes when I know you're such a proponent of recycling those shoeboxes.