Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Pharma is alive and well...

I had my first experience with the medical system here in Canada today. Sunday night, I had a cough, and now I have laryngitis and a fever. Michael's company offers us Cigna International health insurance, but it is not accepted in Canada. Finding a GP who takes new patients was my first challenge, and I was fortunate to get an appt. this afternoon. I did not have to wait the allotted time for a new patient appointment since I was paying cash. Interesting...

The physician was dressed in a suit & tie and walked me to the exam room. He was nice enough but never got up from his chair once the "exam" started. He did lean over to check my ears and ask me to say "Ahhh." He never checked my glands or breathing. That was it. 3 prescriptions later and a bill, and I was out the door. Interestingly, none of the 'scrips are for what I went in for. My illness, he says, is viral, so I should wait it out. For 'scrips, he decided I needed a cream for an old keloid (the subject came up when I talked about skin cancer), and antibiotic for a red spot on my outer ear, and something to guard my stomach against the antibiotic he said would "tear up (my) stomach". Oh yea.

The Walmart pharmacist was wonderful. She'd never seen Cig-Intern'l before but worked with them by phone for 10 minutes. She alone has enabled all of us, here on the Fluor project, to fill 'scrips when we need them. She made my day.

For what's it worth, I haven't taken an antibiotic in 20+ years. I believe they are overused, in all countries, and destroy our immune systems. Under the right circumstances, they can be highly effective, but because of overuse there are now only 2 that still work for children. What does that tell us? Okay - off my soap box.

If you're interested, I called the Henry Ford Health System, registered with them and have an appointment on Thursday. I'm really curious to see what my diagnosis is there. I've decided to hold off on taking the meds, so I'll keep you posted.

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